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Discounting Definition.
For example, the cash flows of company earnings are discounted back at the cost of capital in the discounted cash flows model. In other words, future cash flows are discounted back at a rate equal to the cost of obtaining the funds required to finance the cash flows.
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Discount Definition.
Because bond prices and interest rates are inversely correlated, if a bond offers a lower interest coupon rate than the prevailing interest rate in the economy, it will become less attractive than newly issued bonds with higher coupons, and it may be discounted accordingly.
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Apple said in a press release that mobile app businesses had taken on new importance during the pandemic and that the discounted price would give them more resources. APPLE CUTS SOME APP STORE FEES, BUT CRITICS CALL IT A PLOY TO AVOID REGULATION REED ALBERGOTTI NOVEMBER 18, 2020 WASHINGTON POST.
DISCOUNT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
to sell a product or service for less than the usual price.: Our entire inventory is discounted below retail prices. discount sth by 55%/a quarter, etc. The initial charges will be 5.25, discounted by 2 to 3.25 until 31 January.
Discount Rate Definition.
For example, $100 invested today in a savings scheme that offers a 10 interest rate will grow to $110. In other words, $110 future value when discounted by the rate of 10 is worth $100 present value as of today.
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You can ask the manager for a discount if the item is damaged. As a verb, discount means to reduce the price. The manager can discount the item for you. The verb discount also means to disregard, underestimate, or dismiss.
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to allow for exaggeration in a statement, opinion, etc: Knowing his political bias they discounted most of his story. to take into account in advance, often so as to diminish the effect of: They had discounted the effect of a decline in the stock market.
Discounting - Wikipedia.
D F T e r T. displaystyle DF T e -rT, Other discounts edit. For discounts in marketing, see discounts and allowances, sales promotion, and pricing. The article on discounted cash flow provides an example about discounting and risks in real estate investments.
Discount Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
1 a: selling goods or services for less than their regular or list price: selling goods or services at a discount see discount entry 1 sense 1a 1 discount stores a discount broker discount airlines. b: offered or sold at a discount discount tickets.

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